Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cute, Cheap, and Easy Styling for All Shapes and Sizes

On this blog I plan exploring all the easy, cute, and cheap styling techniques for everyone. I plan on posting pictures of different outfits that I have styled for myself or for my friends. I will even be posting pictures of outfits I find perfectly styled that I didn't style myself. Along with these pictures I plan on posting why this styling came together so nicely for that body type and how much each thing cost and where it was purchased. I will also be posting great sales that are going on and amazing websites with amazing deals. I will also have posts once a month on make-up tutorials that don't require a lot of make-up but still looks flawless. I will also try and answer questions people email to me at I hope everyone will enjoy this blog and take some of these easy, cute, and cheap techniques. Below I have samples of outfits that may appear over the months of the posts.